When I began my walk with Christ, I didn’t understand what I was doing. For a long time, my central prayer request was for a mentor and guidance. Little did I know, God had been sending me angels/spiritual mommies and aunties who gave me strength.

In this ongoing series, I’ve included a couple of stories of how trusting God and being open to anyway my prayers could get answered, helped find mentors. If you are in need of a mentor, my prayer is that you stay encouraged and keep an open mind to the miraculous ways God can answer prayer.

To the women who helped me grow my faith and gave me strength,

Thank you. You have made one of the most significant impacts on my life. If I can encourage another woman, it’s because you inspired me first. To show my appreciation, I’ve dedicated this series to you all.

Some women have, by the grace of God, taken me under their wing. They all have poured into me and added so much value to my life. The women include the First Lady at my church, evangelists, my boss, and many others.

Here is how we met.

I had been dating my church for about six months, and I was ready to make that step. You see, I had commitment issues which are the reason why it took me so long to get to this point. But I got here. And I was ready to make this church that I been called to, my home (church).

When asked if anyone wanted to join the church, I walked down the altar. I was trying to hide my tears, but the smiling faces of my friends in the young adult ministry made it hard to hold them back.

“You will grow more in the next three years than you have in your entire life,” Pastor said.

As he is congratulating me, I’m adding the years to my age and thinking about the EXACT Ah-Ha moment that will make what he said right. I thought hard about what he said. I left the altar with a grin. Three years huh? I’ll hold you to it, Pastor.

When I got home, I waited in my car. I prayed about the decision I made and felt God giving me peace. Next step was to take the new member class. I was the only student, so that was weird, but I like learning, so that kept my mind busy.

After that, I had to meet with the Pastor. I spent way too many weeks avoiding the appointment, so I just did it. During the day of my meeting, I was so nervous. I scrambled my mind for talking points but none of them seemed impressive.

I was in the foyer, sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. The door that I came from was to my left, and I sat across from the receptionist. As I was filling out my contact form, the First Lady walks by the sitting area. She’s running around and is super busy. When I look up, I catch her eye, and we greet each other. I think she greeted me one more time then started getting ready to leave. But she didn’t go. She stopped at the door and gave me her card.

“I feel it in my spirit to give this to you,” she said.

I took her card, but I was confused. My denial was older than me, and I didn’t think I needed help or anyone to talk to about anything. I was just here to talk to the Pastor.

It didn’t take me long to drop my rehearsed act. After ten minutes into the conversation with the Pastor, I was crying. Then he reveals this Word for me.

There is an issue with trust, and I don’t think I’m the one that’s supposed to talk to you about it. Let me get my wife.

At this point, I’m feeling 100 different emotions. But the main one was confusion. Does Pastor realize his wife and I already had this conversation?

He didn’t and started introducing her to me. So that’s when I lost it, and I cried even more. So they pray over me. That was only the beginning of a lot of praying and trust building. Over the next couple of weeks, the first lady and I met and talked. I told her secrets my diaries could hold.

It was freeing. And the Lord knew what I needed.

She helped me deal with some tormenting memories. I gained the courage to forgive. And to deal with it, God didn’t send anyone; He sent the First Lady of my church.  She is a woman who has dedicated her life to serving other women like me.

I could have said, ” Nah, I’m cool.” I could have run away. But I allowed myself to be curious. What if this could help me? What if the people around you can help you?

We miss out of 100 percent of the opportunities we don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

*Drops mic*

5 Things To Remember:

  • Pray for help and want to receive help
  • Give every care, worry or issue to God
  • Keep trusting God
  • Keep an open mind
  • Don’t be afraid of change

But seriously, I challenged you to practice humility and look at the women in your life who have helped you. Once you figure that out, thank them. Gratitude can go a long way.

Part 2:

How am I supposed to endure? I asked.

I couldn’t get a straight answer and didn’t have enough patience to wait for an answer so I went to church. I’m not sure if this was back in March but what I did know was that I needed a Word.

This fancy prophetess was speaking that night. And you wouldn’t believe it but she asked the same question that I texted a few people right before I got to church. She mimicked my question

How do I endure?

I was finally going to get the Word I been searching for. But I never got it. She danced around the topic. I tried taking notes to figure out the riddles she started throwing at us but I caught


She starts prophesying over people. And finally we all line up for offering and she prayed for each of us. I grabbed all the money from the wallet. I found about $50. It was all the spending change that I could use for the next two weeks. But I was determined to sow into what I wanted.

I still wanted a Word and I thought that this was my only chance. One by one we put our offering in the bucket. She didn’t have a Word for everyone so the closer I get the more I prayed for any kind of help.

I start thinking about the things she prophesied about and how it came true.

I was next in line. She had a mighty Word for the guy in front of me but when she saw me and placed her hand on me. And said


I go back to my seat. I didn’t know what to think. I did not know what to say.https://giphy.com/embed/3o6ZsT07iNjgbwp4DC


Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I should leave.

Then this woman came up to me. She was short and very sweet with blonde hair. She smiled at me earlier but I thought nothing of it. This time she did more than a smile. She spoke to me. She noticed how I been coming to church but how sad I was. She gave me her card and told me about her ministry.

She didn’t want me to go through this alone. That part, right there made me cry. I started to cry because I been lonely but she cared for me.

Her fellowship meeting was only a few weeks away. I was still debating whether I should go or not.

It was a Saturday and I was at work. I got off work just in time to get to the meeting. So I decided to go.

We all gathered in the living room. Some women I knew from church. Others, I met for the first time. I was sitting in a room next to very strong women. Women of Power.

That day was about testimonies and I watched and listen to each of them. It made me feel hopeful. When it came time for me to speak. I said


I wasn’t ready to talk about myself. I wanted to listen. I was feeling encouraged. These were strong black women who went through tough times. They endured and came out on the other side of their trial. They were victorious.

But when I wasn’t distracted by my own thoughts, I noticed peace. I was in the right place. We prayed after the meeting was over.

We all held hands and got to praying. These were strong praying women. All of them were prayer warriors. I could feel the atmosphere change. My burdens were inching away from me. The one leading prayer walked over to the woman next to me and prayed for her.

I back up. I bet God doesn’t have anything to say to me. 

Before I could stay in my pity-party, she came over and prayed for me so heavy she starts speaking in tongues. She told everyone to hug me and they did.

I could finally release that burden. After prayer, I fixed myself up in the restroom. When I came out, I thank the first woman who prayed for me but she said

The Father knows what we need

All of this happened because a sweet woman from church didn’t want me to be alone. And now I wasn’t. I can go to her for help. And she always gives me wise counsel.