Have you ever thought about blogging and questioned whether you should blog about faith or not?

I was interviewed by a magazine called Beauty&theGospel (Click here to read the interview). The magazine is based in South Africa! How cool is that?! Welp, we talked about blogging, and there was one question that sparked my desire to share this blog post.

If you have been called to write, you may struggle with what you should write about. I looked up any different ways to become a full-time writer, and I stumbled on content marketing, freelance writing gigs, and blogging.

After a short-lived content marketing career, I decided to give blogging a try.

Blogging is a great side hustle to make some supplement income. And it’s also something that can grow into a 6+ Figure business!

What makes a blog successful is having a niche.

As I searched for my niche, the question popped up over and over: Should I become a faith blogger?

I felt so much guilt in having other interests other than writing about faith like art and pop culture.

The “experts” made it clear that Christians who blog can only share quote Scriptures. They also believe that they should give up on the idea of making money and become content with having a blog that has low- LOW traffic.

I was literally looking for permission to write about what I loved. Yes, I love Jesus. But God created me to enjoy other things too.

After searching for an answer, I got it. I asked God what to write about, and suddenly a list of topics came to me. I firmly believe that the primary purpose of my writing is to providing hope. And get this, that list of topics include a bunch of life situations and struggles that I’ve been through.

This moment reminds me of an interview. In the interview, the actor was asked why he went from an HBCU to an Ivy League school. His response was perfect.

Anybody told the interviewer “Ain’t nobody tell me I CANT DO that.”

So don’t let nobody tell you what you can’t write about and ask God. There’s a reason you love makeup or lifestyle or crafts AND Jesus.

You, my friend, are different and uniquely made by a perfect God. Your blog should reflect your personality, perspective, challenges and life experiences.

One thing you will learn about blogging is that a blog is a unique solution to a problem. As a Christian, you are already writing from a Christian perspective. You don’t need to try and be someone you’re not.

Personally, I write because I need someone like me: busy wife, full-time job with multiply creative side hustles. I am a woman in progress whose life started the moment she got to know Jesus forreal forreal. I write stories about my own journey as I navigate through life in hopes that someone else will feel encouraged.

It’s so important to me for you to understand your unique calling as a blogger doesn’t need to look like mine.

Share YOUR story and don’t let nobody tell you different.