I posted on my Instagram story that I was going to write the worst script ever! I know that seems odd, but I figure that I should get the rubbish out the way and find the story that I want to share with the world.

I started working on the script but then gave up after one line.

Who is this new Olivia? I used be hungrier to fight for my craft, but recently, I’ve been giving up. Quitting on the script was just the result of some mind trash that I had been feeding myself since the year started.

It all started because of this business idea I had surrounding pageants. I got SO excited about it. But as I started researching the possibilities, I talked myself out of doing it. I kept thinking: I can’t do this. How can I do this? Will I be any good?

Finally, after I put a “pin” in my script, I decided to mute the noise by listening to an audiobook called Girl, Wash Your Face.

Man! This book was the kick I needed to remind me that I can do all this. Like me, you may be starting (or completing) that dream from 2018. Here’s what I found most encouraging from the book:

1. Creating is a gift from God

We are created in the image of God. At times we can reduce that fact to head knowledge, but the truth of the matter is, we are supposed to create. That’s why we feel so alive when we use our creative muscle.

Something beautiful happened on Monday. I was on Instagram, and I noticed that Jenny Randle was live. I joined her, and she gave me a Word that blew my mind. She calls it MonYAY!

Oh, for any of you who don’t know who Jenny is, she is a Christian speaker, author, and Emmy-winning editor. She dedicated her life’s work to helping creatives pursue their calling. And she is also the reason I look forward to Mondays. Oops, I mean MonYay. Haha

2. Preparing for what you want

In my sassiest southern voice, I have been saying to myself: Preparation is key, honey. And I’m super grateful for the reminder to prepare for the plans that God said was going happen. This is huge in our faith walk because our actions let God know that we trust Him.

3. No One Can Ruin Anything For You

I bought a journal by Lara Casey called Write the Word/ Cultivate Joy. I’m getting serious about choosing joy in 2019. Because we DO have a choice. We can choose joy or to complain. We can find the good, the pure, the beautiful and whatever is lovely. Or we can choose anger, and bitterness, ungratefulness. But we can decide how to react.

If your mind has been filled with lies, pick up this book to remind yourself that you should and can pick yourself up, wash your face and become the women you were called to be.